How to Perform The Blood Volume Measurement Test

98% Accurate Measurement of Intravascular Blood
Volume Utilizing the ‘Gold Standard’ Methodology

The BVA-100 Blood Volume Analyzer quantifies blood volume using the indicator tracer dilution technique. The test is administered at the bedside, blood samples are drawn and sent to the laboratory for processing.

Preliminary data available within 30 minutes to help guide decisions
in emergency situations.


Daxor is proud to be a Principal Member and Value Initiative Industry Alliance Partner with the SNMMI.

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As the pioneer in blood volume analysis, Daxor provides education and the resources needed to ensure easy onboarding along with continuing support to drive maximum value from your BVA system throughout your facility. With a long-standing commitment to improving care and numerous studies validating our technology, Daxor is completely focused on advancing healthcare by enabling optimal fluid management with blood volume analysis. Our vision is optimal blood volume for all.

Volume is Vital. End the Debate With Daxor.

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Daxor Corporation is the global leader in blood volume measurement technology focused on blood volume testing innovation. We developed and market the BVA-100 (Blood Volume Analyzer), the first diagnostic blood test cleared by the FDA to provide safe, accurate, objective quantification of blood volume status and composition compared to patient-specific norms for use in a broad range of medical and surgical conditions.

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